How to… wear vintage brooches 1

Vintage brooches are another versatile accessory that can be used to add glamour and elegance to your look. The obvious places to wear a brooch is on a dress, top or coat. Try creating different looks by wearing it in a alternative position as shown below on this beautiful prom dress.

brooch1 brooch2 brooch3

Also consider wearing a vintage brooch on the following:

– scarves

– wraps/pashminas/shrugs

– bags


– shoes

– hair bands or clips

Brooch cluster – another option is to wear a group of brooches in a cluster probably no more than 5 brooches depending on their sizes. Pick a colour theme, topic theme or maybe cluster a group of brooches made in the same style.

Upcycling projects – brooches also make great wall art when framed or have a go at making a brooch bouquet?! Have a look on Pinterest to see some great examples of how brooches can be used to create amazing things.

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