Using vintage and vintage inspired high street fashion to create a unique look for Autumn

I am sure I am not alone in feeling totally cheated of my Summer this year?! My dream of endless sunshine and wearing all my lovely vintage summer dresses was shattered by the terrible weather we endured. Leggings under the dresses were necessary most days along with a denim jacket or waterproof. But what can you do? the weather is what it is in Britain and there are far worse things happening in the world, so I have pulled myself together and decided to write this blog about what I am going to wear in Autumn.


Autumn is actually one of my favourite times of year. I love the colours it brings and I secretly like being able to wear my boots and coat again. There is a definite seasonal transition period from Summer to Autumn that most people make. Slowly you see flip flops being replaced by ballet pumps or trainer style shoes, cardigans and denim jackets becoming leather jackets or a short coat and everyone is back in their jeans!

My first job was to assess my wardrobe and identify what could be classed as Autumn wear, this consisted of:

– some long sleeved vintage dresses, obviously!

– two leather jackets and one ‘fluffy sheep’ coat

– three pairs of brown leather boots in various styles, you can never have too many right?


and some vintage handbags in various shades of brown


A good start, but by no means complete. So, I decided to consult some fashion magazines, look in the high street shops and generally take more notice of current fashion for further inspiration. When I have done this in the past I have always felt disappointed because the colours, styles and materials of what is “in fashion” is rarely what I like or suits me, hence why I wear a lot of vintage.

This year however, I am pleased to say that high street fashion did inspire me and actually quite excited me! Great colours including rust, orange, camel, tan and yellow. Nice materials such as suede and leather look fabrics and faux fur. Styles inspired by the 1960s and 1970s which are two of my favourite eras for fashion. Also some key pieces that I can integrate with my existing wardrobe.

Below are my favourite looks, styles and pieces trending this season with some examples of how to style them and links to shop the looks:

1. 1970s inspired accessories –  check out this hat and poncho which would look great with skinny jeans and long boots

2. Retro shoes –  I love the new Orla Kiely range for Clarks, fabulous with a mini dress or mini skirt

3. 1960s style dresses (A-line, pinafore dresses, mini dresses) – below are two of my favourite 1960s dresses. The brown and orange spotty mini dress is from Frock & Roll and looks great with clear tights and my tan cowboy boots bought years ago in Faith. The 1960s inspired orange jacket is a second hand H&M jacket.

The other dress is from Candy Says and I have put this with my lovely 1960s Daisy Trifari brooch and a beautiful 1980s eel skin clutch bag that I bought at Chelsea Market in New York.

Autumnblog2   Autumnblog4

4.  Polo necks – an amazingly versatile wardrobe essential. Wear under your vintage or modern summer dresses to extend wear into colder weather. Wear with a pinafore dress (see link above) for a great 60s look. This camel colour polo neck is from Marks & Spencer and it has become a staple item in my wardrobe because it’s so versatile. Below it is teamed with:

a) an a-line denim skirt from New Look, brown boots bought in Cara last year, a 1970s wooden bead necklace and a 1960s Holmes of Norwich handbag from Alexandra Vintage.

b) a 1970s does 1950s circle skirt from Alexandra Vintage, a 1980s Marks & Spencer belt also from Alexandra Vintage, 1970s necklace and a 1960s handbag.

Autumnblog1  Autumnblog5


5. Sweater/top and skirt combo – this gorgeous 1960s inspired skirt is from Topshop. I have styled it with a rust colour turtle neck top from ASOS and created three different looks using vintage accessories for: a) work  b) shopping/day out  c) an evening out.

Autumnblog6  Autumnblog7  Autumnblog9


6. Brooches – a must have accessory for any day if you ask me! But they are officially on trend at the moment. I would personally only wear vintage brooches as they are so beautiful and full of character. Choose a bold statement brooch for your Autumn/Winter coat and add to your jumpers, tops or dresses. For more ideas check out the AVU brooch guide.

Autumnblog11  Autumnblog15


So that is how I am doing Autumn this year. Mixing vintage and vintage inspired fashion is something I love doing as it gives you so much choice without compromising on your own unique and individual look. I hope you have found this guide useful and inspiring. Please share your Autumn looks, ideas and inspiration on Instagram using the hashtag #stylemyautumn and don’t forget to tag @allvintagedup.

Happy Autumn x




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