Feeling 40…

In the lead up to my 40th birthday everyone around me constantly asked me how I felt about turning 40? Was I going to celebrate it? How did I plan to celebrate? Was I worried about it? So I decided to read a few articles written by women who had already turned 40 to find out what the big deal was about this milestone birthday. Most of the articles were interesting, mainly funny and some inspiring, but I have to admit they all made me think “yeah yeah, great well done you are 40 and now you have to tell everyone how much better it is than being in your 30s and how you are now comfortable and confident with your life, body, job, family, friends…. just to make yourself feel better about it!” Harsh? a bit, judgemental? definitely.

Well now I am 40 and I thought I would write about how I feel. It pains me to say it but actually it has made me feel good, more confident and happy (just like ‘those’ women said it would). But why? Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t unhappy or not confident when I was 39, but having a 40th birthday has definitely done something to me. I think it is almost like unsaid granted permission to like yourself and accept who you are without worrying about what others think (as much). All of a sudden the small niggles I had about myself and how others saw me faded away. As did my desire to please people as much.

It has only been a month, but I have fully embraced the “I am 40, therefore I can now do what I like” vibe. It is rather liberating I have to say.  I think 40 has been so positive for me personally because I used it to reflect on all the good things and more importantly all the good people in my life. It is having supportive, strong and inspiring people in my life that has made me who I am and 40 was just a good excuse to celebrate this. I also received many brilliant gifts, including plenty of vintage and vintage inspired treats (see photos below & my Instagram feed) and of course Gin, so those helped it be an all round amazing landmark birthday!

I think I will now research the psychology behind turning 40 to find out if there are any ‘proper’ theories surrounding these feelings. I would love to know what other people think and how they feel about turning or being 40, thoughts?


Some of my lovely birthday gifts.

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