Vintage clothing is so special. The quality of the garments produced in the past is very high, clothes were made to last. The materials, designs and patterns are vast. Each era gave us its own unique and influential style that tells a story and represents that period of time. Modern fashion is largely inspired by styles from the past, which shows that great style never goes out of fashion.

So why #CHOOSEVINTAGE for your wardrobe?

·    Vintage enables you to create your own individual and unique look – never walk into a room wearing the same dress as your friend again!

·    Vintage is affordable, plus you are investing in quality items that will grow in value – so many of us buy clothes that are cheap, not built to last and ultimately do not give us value for money

·    Vintage is a sustainable choice because you are reusing and recycling what has already been made

There are many more reasons and benefits which you will discover for yourself once you #CHOOSEVINTAGE


Where to source vintage clothing…

Search for vintage fairs and vintage shops in your area to visit or take a look at these online vintage shops:
Lovely’s Vintage Emporium
Candy Says
Beyond Retro
William Vintage

To get you started here are some top tips for buying vintage clothing:

– research different eras to find a style that suits your personality and your body shape

– get inspiration for your look from sources like Pinterest (there also lots of great books out there see Vintage resources)

– try combining your existing modern wardrobe with vintage pieces, it is all about integration and creating your own style (e.g. a vintage coat with a modern outfit or a vintage dress with modern accessories)

– complete your look with vintage accessories

– don’t be afraid to mix eras

– dresses can be adjusted to fit you perfectly so don’t worry about buying a bigger size

– know your measurements if shopping online, vintage sizes are different to modern ones

– have fun experimenting with different styles, don’t rule anything out vintage is vast and versatile!

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