Adventures in Vintage – a visit to the BOB pop up shop

Last Thursday (7 May 2015) All Vintaged Up and Alexandra Vintage ventured into London to visit the much talked about BOB by Dawn O’Porter pop up shop.

For those who may not know… where have you been?! Dawn O’Porter launched her own vintage fashion business last October. BOB, named after her signature hairstyle, is an online business selling one-off pieces of vintage clothing (BOB Vintage) and her own vintage-inspired collection (BOB by Dawn O’Porter). The pop up shop is open for a month and is located at 35 Monmouth Street, London within the lovely Seven Dials shopping area.

As well as our obvious personal interest in vintage fashion and running our own vintage businesses, Alexandra Vintage was featured on Dawn’s hit Channel 4 television show ‘This Old Thing’ last year, so the opportunity to go and see Dawn’s business was not one to pass up!

It was great for us to be able to see the collections in the flesh, and have the chance to try on some of the amazing pieces available. I was immediately drawn to a 1960s bold orange flower print dress, which fitted like a glove and was well within my budget. I am very excited to now own a BOB Vintage dress! The great thing about the shop as far as BOB Vintage is concerned was the range of sizes and styles available; there really was something for everyone – a variety of styles, sizes and bank balances.

bobdress1 bobbag

My gorgeous orange 1960s BOB Vintage dress – the belt is the best bit! – and the BOB bag that I will keep (probably forever!)

Moving on to the BOB collection… What really stood out for us was the fact that it’s not another range of 1950s reproduction full skirted cherry print dresses. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with these, they are lovely, but it was so refreshing to see a vintage repro range inspired by different eras. Being a huge 1960s fan I loved The Flack 60s shift dress with its soft leather trims, in a beautiful coral colour (I am slightly obsessed with this colour after having my colours done and coral is one of ‘my’ colours, as is orange!). Alexandra tried on The Elvin mini dress in Bottle Green, another 60s inspired piece, which looked gorgeous on her (forgot to take a photo, sorry!).

The design, material and quality of BOB clothing is far superior to that of high street repro ranges, and priced to reflect the care and attention put into designing and making it. Dawn also had some samples of her new collection in the shop (she was literally unpacking boxes whilst we were there!). I was once again drawn in by colour, to an orange shift dress with white trim on the pockets and collar. I am not sure what this one is called yet but it may well end up at the top of my present list for my 40th birthday next year!



We were also lucky enough to interview Dawn about running her own business and her thoughts on the vintage industry, so look out for this soon.






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