me2Hello, I’m Helen Brown.

My personal love of vintage fashion led to the creation of All Vintaged Up, initially a great excuse to source beautiful vintage accessories,  jewellery and clothing for others to fall in love with and buy. This led to me working with the award winning (Best Online Vintage Fashion & Accessory Shop 2014) Alexandra Vintage. Together we helped women to create their own individual vintage styles by providing affordable vintage fashion that could be easily integrated with their existing wardrobes. Working in the vintage industry not only increased my knowledge and understanding of vintage fashion, but also allowed me to meet and be inspired by some amazing people. Now, my ongoing mission is to promote the integration of vintage fashion into every woman’s wardrobe and convert the masses to #CHOOSEVINTAGE.

Why vintage? The reason I love vintage is the fact you can own a piece of vintage fashion that no one else will have and that has its own story/history, then you can take that item and use it to create your own individual and unique look and of course new memories!  I also love that vintage is an affordable and sustainable fashion choice.

My own personal vintage style – I wear a lot of 1960s dresses with thick tights, modern boots and a modern coat in the winter. In the summer it is more 60s dresses, with ballet pumps or flip flops. I try to buy dresses that are versatile and work all year round. I do like vintage bags and jewellery too, so I will often add these to my modern outfits to give them a vintage twist, creating a more individual look.

I hope that you find the All Vintaged Up website a useful vintage fashion resource, where you can find links to further information to build your own knowledge, be inspired by some of my blogs and find out where to source your vintage fashion. Follow me on Twitter (@VintagedUp), Instagram (allvintagedup) and Facebook where I regularly post information about vintage fashion, the odd vintage outfit selfie, plus a few other things that I am interested in.

Thank you for visiting my site.